Fluid Dreams & Eloquent Drama: Talking Couture With Designer Sepehr Maghsoudi

Designer Sepehr MaghsoudiAmsterdam-based couture designer, Sepehr Maghsoudi has been tapped by a variety of celebrities, like Tyra Banks to clothe them with his avant-garde, dreamlike edgy designs. With his collections being featured in everything from Vogue Italy, Elle, Esquire and Zink Magazine, Sepehr’s outspoken personality and unique futuristic stylings have brought him a diverse range of popularity and notoriety that has taken his couture designs to the most interesting places. From his collections recently being shown at the Westfries Museum in Hoorn, Netherlands, to styling the famous singer Sting, or meeting the King and Queen of the Netherlands, or even designing a collection for the popular MTV TV show “My Super Sweet Sixteen” … for Sepehr, its all a vision from a beautiful dream.

W+D:  Who is the “Sepehr Maghsoudi” brand for? Do you design for a certain type of person in mind?

Sepehr Maghsoudi:  My brand’s motto is: “beautifying life!” I make couture pieces that blow people away! The Sepehr Maghsoudi brand stands for exclusivity. My designs reflect me. I have an outspoken personality and tend to focus on the thoughts and structures behind the products. My work is futuristic, elegant, innovative and constructive at the same time. My designs also reflect my journey from Iran to the Netherlands at the age of 12, like that of a fairy tale: starting from the Persian Empire, wandering through dense forests, climbing high mountains and crossing wild rivers. You see my adventurous quest for the West in what I create. Therefore, my collections are like visions from a dream. I love taking my inspiring journey around the world through my collections for all to see and experience, whether that’s on the runway, in magazines, TV or in film. I’ve participated in the TV programs “Project Catwalk” and “The Face,” and because of my great passion for film and costume design I decided to create the first ever Dutch fashion movie. I also designed costumes for other Dutch films, “Heksen bestaan niet” and “Fashion Chicks” with my couture designs being worn by such Dutch stars as, Sharon Doorsen, Eva Simons, Leontine Borsato, and Liza Sips.

Running through walls_Paradios Club

Amsterdam is a contrasting patchwork of the new and the old. Dress is from Sepehr’s collection “Running Through Walls” and is the perfect combination of luxury and power to wear while at the Paradiso Club in Amsterdam. The old church was originally squatted by hippies in 1967 who wanted to convert it into an entertainment and leisure club. Paradiso has since hosted many famous bands and artists such as Guns and Roses, The Rolling Stones and The Cure.

W+D:  How are your designs and collections influenced by Amsterdam and your culture?

Sepehr Maghsoudi:  My designs have always been influenced by my childhood memories, my Persian culture and how I see Amsterdam — with its feeling of freedom and luxury. My designs tend to express that same feeling.

Walking out of shadows_Royal Palace

Dress from Sepehr’s collection “Walking Out of Shadows” is eloquent and dreamlike reflecting the similar harmony found in the Central Hall of the Royal Palace in Amsterdam, which represents universal harmony through the celestial globe upheld by Atlas above and the stars, constellations and planets depicted below.

W+D:  Do you have a favorite collection or piece you’ve designed? If so, which one and why is your favorite?

Sepehr Maghsoudi:  The golden constructed designed dress, because it represents my vision of how the body and soul should work. The design has been published worldwide in different magazines, and has been shown in my “Goldthread” couture exposition at the Westfries Museum in Holland. The golden constructed designed dress has also traveled to New York City for a publication shoot by Ty Ron a stylist of Tyra Banks. (View a video of Sepehr’s museum exposition below)

Dress from the "Walking Out of Shadows" Collection reflects the inspiration of the City of Amsterdam. The modern rooms at the historic Conservatorium Hotel mirror Sepehr's lapels, lines and layered structuring, giving way to an artistic dance between the modern and the historic.

Dress from the “Walking Out of Shadows” collection reflects the inspiration of the City of Amsterdam. The modern rooms at the historic Conservatorium Hotel mirror Sepehr’s lapels, lines and layered structuring, giving way to an artistic dance between the modern and the historic.

W+D:  What do you love about Amsterdam?

Sepehr Maghsoudi:  I prefer Amsterdam for my couture shows which I do two times a year, for the city’s unique beauty. I like to incorporate it in my shows. I was the first designer in the world who gave a fashion show on an Amsterdam canal, it was publicized in the news worldwide.

Watching without seeing_Bridge in Amsterdam

Dress from the collection “Watching Without Seeing.” Amsterdam is home to more than one hundred kilometers of canals, It has been compared with Venice, due to its division into approximately 90 islands, which are linked by more than 1,200 bridges.

W+D:  What is one of your favorite places to go in Amsterdam and why?

Sepehr Maghsoudi:  I love the luxurious life, because its the feeling of my couture line, and represents the whole experience of couture itself. I love the places that represent that feeling like the Conservatorium Hotel or the Grand Amsterdam Hotel. I like visiting these places so that I can be inspired and I can chill with my friends and clientele.

Talking in Silence_Grand hotel

Dress from Sepehr’s collection “Talking In Silence.” His pieces effortlessly represent modern eloquence with a nod to classic charm without overwhelming the wearer. The five-star Grand Amsterdam Hotel, a favorite of Sepehr’s and an inspiration for his couture designs, is located in the heart of Amsterdam’s historic city center and is the perfect combination of ancient beauty and luxury.


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