Once Upon A Time In Mexico… There Was “Agua de Rosas” Jewelry

Branch and thorn earrings_Agua de Rosas

Gold branch and thorn earrings.

Once upon a time in Mexico there was a jewelry brand named Agua de Rosas… with jewelry that made you feel as if you just walked out of the Laura Esquivel romance novel “Like Water for Chocolate,” dressed up and ready to meet with artist Frida Kahlo for a nice cup of hot chocolate. Yo lo quiero mucho! (which means I want it a lot!) …

Citrine Makulis Gold Ring_Agua de Rosas

Citrine Makulis gold ring.

Agua de Rosas literally translates to rose water and represents the essence of what designer Eliana Palomo’s jewelry line is:  which is jewelry that is natural, functional and that goes with everything!

Palomo’s collections compose the best of what the feminine spirit is. Her jewelry is pure magical realism, with an infusion of symbols and colors from nature that evoke an ethereal state of being.

Gold Rose Bracelet_Agua de Rosas

Gold Rose Bracelet.

Items easily founding in nature are exalted in her collections by a beautiful harmony of gold and silver metals and colorful raw stones blended with organic textures like flowers, leaves, branches, birds beetles and horses. Yet, Agua de Rosas still holds true to its country’s culture.

Gold leaves with pearls necklace_Agua de Rosas

Gold leaves with pearls necklace.

Eliana Palomo’s pieces proudly reflect Mexican culture and Amerindian indigenous traditions which are recognized in many of her pieces, like long pearl necklaces that resemble religious rosaries and tiaras that reflect native headpieces.

Como agua para chocolate is a Spanish phrase in Mexico that one would say when you’d want to convey how  “something would go just perfectly with something else.” Agua de Rosas is como agua para chocolate for any outfit you own, and will surely bring out that unique magical beauty that exist inside of you when worn.

Photos: Agua de Rosas

Agua de Rosas jewelry

Agua de Rosas Jewelry. Top Row: (L to R) Quartz bracelet; Branded silver gold plated bracelet. Bottom Row: (L to R) Sterling silver pink tourmaline Makulis ring; Triangles and lapis Lazuli necklace.

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